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NEW Airtable  native extension

Communicate like a pro with ChatGBP Virtual Assistant
Improve the quality of your emails and Impress your colleagues with the ChatGBP Virtual Assistant

Get instant answers and improved productivity with the ChatGBP chrome extension - your ultimate browsing companion.

A native extension to
generate all kinds of documents automatically.

Generated documents are saved in a new column.

Google search Companion

Unlock the full potential of Google Search with ChatGBT - the ultimate tool for precision and efficiency in your search queries.

Gmail Companion

Write better emails with ChatGBT - your email companion.

Use predefine instruction

Avoid repetitive tasks (copy/paste) with predefine and customizable instruction:
- improve this text
- Generate code

Experience the power of ChatGBT 99 with over 100,000 daily users.

Get the perfect words for every email with ChatGBT - your email companion.
“FANTASTIC solution! Saved us thousands of dollars in papers and human hours for approval of processed documents
- Robert Bruse
“We have automated all our forms using this add-on. We have made a 100% paperless administration using this add-on and a few Javascript.
- Sarah Smith
“AirtableDoc has been a real value to my organization. It is user friendly (and) has helped us to streamline and be so much more efficient with staff time and responsiveness to our customers.
- John William